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Strip - Physical Book

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Strip - Physical Book

Sarah Gordon's Online Retail Experience
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A meditation on all possible meanings of the word 'Strip'. 

Nominated for Best Comic of The Year at the British Comic Awards. 

cw: visceral body horror, nudity, and knives

"Like someone screaming into your eyeballs" - Rob Davis, The Motherless Oven, Don Quixote

"Essential indie comics" - Kieron Gillen, The Wicked + The Divine, DIE, Phonogram.

Full colour 40pp saddle stitched comic.

A quick note on international shipping: I ship from the UK, and am currently using international economy shipping for most overseas orders. This keeps post-brexit shipping prices down for folks and is better for the environment than airmail. Usually your orders will arrive in under or around two weeks, but some may arrive later.

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One physical copy of Strip

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