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Vicious Creatures - Physical Book

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 A physical copy of Vicious Creatures - a collection of 9 short horror stories, written by Sarah Gordon. 

Contains scenes of a violent nature, and sexual content. Not recommended for children.

"This book is just soooooooooooo good! I have taken it upon myself to brand Sarah Gordon's folk horror comics as the new sub-genre of Graphic Melancholy." - Andy Oliver - Broken Frontier

"The bar for comics horror keeps being raised. We'll have a way to go to catch up to VICIOUS CREATURES." Alex Paknadel - Redfork, GiGA, Arcadia

"What a beautiful, beautiful book." Dan Watters - Homesick Pilots, Limbo, Lucifer

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A physical copy of Vicious Creatures - a collection of short stories by Sarah Gordon. Full colour, softback edition.

Made using ink rendered from the ritual burning of a large wicker owl
I'm honestly not sure how to put a monetary value to that
250+ pages
Extremely thicc book. Satisfying to hold.
Nine individual horror stories, with a folk horror flavour to them

Vicious Creatures - Physical Book

0 ratings